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Welcome to

Classic Computer Collecting and Computing

    DigitalDinos is proud to be one of the many (?) places on the web where you can find classic computers and their software, hardware, manuals, and other stuff to expand your vintage computer collection.  We are very glad you dropped by for a visit.  DigitalDinos carries a variety of  retrocomputing  products for sale classified by computer or manufacturer:

Apple II & III Atari Commodore
Macintosh IBM PC and Compatibles Texas Instruments
  Radio Shack / Tandy  
Video Games (Atari, Intellivision, and so on.) And, of course, Miscellaneous Stuff

    DigitalDinos sells vintage computing products on this website and - very rarely - on eBay.  Our inventory is brought up-to-date every weekend.   If you don't see what you're looking for in these sections, chances are excellent we don't have it in stock; but, you can still send us an email anyway to check!  :)

    Ordering from DigitalDinos is handled one-on-one, through email.  We strive to give quick, personal service to every sale.  (Emails normally answered within 72 hours, day job permitting.)

    Please feel free to browse about our wares here and on eBay and make use of the classic computer information we have posted.  If you find yourself at one of the shows we attend, please drop by and introduce yourself.

    But above all, enjoy collecting and experiencing the retro computing on this site, even if you don't buy a thing!  :)  And speaking of which, here's a great place to enjoy just that in real life in Cleveland, Ohio every year:

All the News There Is to Print

   2/24/2012 - An interesting article on classic computers still being put to work today.

   12/12/2011 - An interesting article on the 30th anniversary of the BBC micro.

   4/3/2011 - An interesting article on the Apple I.

   4/3/2011 - An interesting article on Adam Osborne and his Osborne I.

   2/6/2011 - We are now happy to accept PayPal payments by any means for our USA customers only.  All foriegn clients must continue to pay through other secured means.

   12/26/2010 -  Our phone number has changed to 440-709-6072.  Feel free to call anytime; just, don't expect a person to answer as it is a voice mail system the vast majority of the time.

   11/6/2010 - Our site's look has been refreshed.  If you've linked to specific pages, they may not work any more.

   9/4/2010 - Kodak’s 1975 Model Digital Camera courtesy of The New York Times.

   8/25/2010 - BBC Micros Used in Retro Programming Class courtesy of the BBC.

   8/18/2010 - 1979 Apple Graphics Tablet vs. 2010 Apple iPad courtesy of Computerworld.

   6/8/2010 - Vintage Geek Gift Guide courtesy of InfoWorld.


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